5 Reasons Why You Should Have A “Feel-Good Folder”

We’ve all had a bad day, a moment of insecurity, or a sales conversation that didn’t go as planned. It’s tough, sometimes, to gain perspective when you’re down in the dumps about who you are or what you do. Enter what I like to call the “feel-good” folder. The idea of a feel-good folder is simple—it’s simply a repository of kind words from friends, colleagues, and clients that made your day. 

Your feel-good folder could be an actual folder full of printed emails, cards, and letters, or a folder in your email inbox. Alternatively, it might not be a folder at all. Instead, it could be a photo album on your phone where you save screenshots of emails and texts that mean a lot to you. You could even use LinkedIn’s built-in feel-good folder of sorts—the recommendations section of your profile. I even use audio testimonials, where former clients share short recordings about their experiences working with me and my team. So,...

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10 Must-Have Digital Tools For Teams

In the years since I’ve started my business, I’ve played the part of Goldilocks, trying many different technology options to craft my perfect “stack.” My search for the best digital tools has stemmed in part from the growth of my small-but-mighty team. We work from several different locations, so finding the most efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use tools has been key to helping us collaborate well. 

While we’re always open to trying something new, our current suite of digital tools feels juuuust right. If you’re in the market for a new tool or you’re still learning how to finesse a hybrid or remote team, these 10 products should be at the top of your list to try. We mostly use the paid versions of these tools; however, I would also recommend their free counterparts as a way to test out key features.



Slack logo


  • How We Use It: My team and I use Slack...

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How To Involve Your Team In LinkedIn

If you’re excited about the possibilities on LinkedIn but need a little help making sure it all gets done, don’t fret. LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a solo sport. There are plenty of ways to involve your team in your LinkedIn sales, marketing, and outreach strategy. 

Done correctly, you can easily divide and conquer tasks related to your company's presence on the platform—in fact, I recommend it. Still, there are some tasks better reserved just for you. Let’s take a look at several factors to consider when deciding which tasks to share and which tasks to own. 

Consider sharing these LinkedIn tasks with your team. 

  • Managing your company page: Your company page is a place where you not only can involve your team but you should. I recommend giving company page access to at least two people on your team so that as roles shift and your team changes, you never lose access to your page. LinkedIn allows you to choose from roles with varying...

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3 Things To Know About LinkedIn's Creator Mode

I can never get too comfortable because LinkedIn loves to keep me on my toes! Every time I turn around, it seems that LinkedIn has added a new feature or function. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is LinkedIn’s new creator mode. Perhaps you’ve seen the feature within the Resources section of your profile. 

In case you missed it, creator mode is a LinkedIn profile setting intended to help you grow and reach your LinkedIn audience. Originally, it was only available to select users, but now, anyone can take advantage of it.  

I have to confess, when I first received access to creator mode, I didn’t love it. Now, looking back, I realize I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it. I coach my clients all the time that new doesn’t mean bad—it just means it may take some getting used to and learning. 

I decided to listen to my own advice and try it for a while before I made up my mind. Now...

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5 Common Myths People Believe About LinkedIn Engagement

Every now and then, I meet a LinkedIn skeptic—someone who understands the importance of a professional profile but doesn’t see the value of actually engaging on the platform. By now, I think I’ve heard all the excuses, from lack of time to doubt about the impact. Do you fall into the skeptic camp? Allow me the opportunity to change your mind. 


If you’re not already active on LinkedIn, my question to you is, “How else are you staying on people’s radar?” Even beyond the sales benefits (which are many!), staying top of mind is helpful for all sorts of business reasons. Just by seeing your face and name on their feed, your colleagues and connections are more likely to remember you when they have a new opportunity, connection, or idea to share that could propel your career or business. 

“Staying top of mind is helpful for all...

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4 Easy Ways To Support Female Entrepreneurs

2021 marked five years of McMillion Consulting, and I celebrated big time! For me, it was important not just to look back and see how far I had come, but also to raise a glass to all the people who had helped me get there. There are too many to count! I am genuinely so lucky to have awesome cheerleaders, mentors, friends, and clients who support me (the person) and my business by referring me to and introducing me to other awesome people.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a female entrepreneur, it’s that we thrive when we encourage one another. Sometimes helpful support looks big, like time, money, and resources. Other times, it’s as simple as making a referral or speaking a word of encouragement. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve rounded up four easy ways to support a female entrepreneur this month. 



If you’ve been the client or customer of a female entrepreneur, take a moment to...

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3 Truths You Need To Know About Delegating

I don’t know about you but for me, life is busy these days. Many of my clients have taken on extra responsibilities in the past year as they’ve begun to adjust to a “new normal.” Sometimes in my calls with clients, I can sense the stress they feel from keeping so many plates spinning at once. Some even breathe an audible sigh of relief when they realize our work together means one less thing on their to-do lists. Whether you need help with your LinkedIn presence or just the permission to delegate to people you trust, I’ve got you.

Life is built for community, and your work life is no exception. Before you pull your hair out wondering how you’re going to get it all done, I encourage you to delegate. Consider this the permission you need to hand over the tasks that make you scrunch up your nose and hold onto the ones that excite and energize you. If asking for help feels outside of your comfort zone, remember these truths: 


1. Just...

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What To Read This Year

I've learned to enjoy reading, and I do audio a lot, too 'earbud in.' I’m the kind of person whose “to read” list is longer than I care to admit. Still, there are a few books I find myself picking up again and again. 

Whether reading more was one of your New Year’s resolutions or you’re just looking for a new perspective and a little inspiration, try picking up one of these seven books. They are among my favorite nonfiction reads that you can easily find on Amazon.


Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

  • What it’s about: Marie Forleo offers an optimistic perspective for overcoming challenges, facing your fears, and conquering your goals. 

  • Why I love it: This book empowered me to problem solve more creatively and reframe challenges I face as opportunities.


Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

  • What it’s about: This book...

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How To Recognize And Avoid Being Spam On LinkedIn

No one likes a spammer. At the end of the day, all spam does is clutter your inbox and waste your time. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to tell what’s spam and what deserves a response. If you’ve ever had trouble sniffing out spam on LinkedIn, the tips below will help you make the call and respond accordingly.  

First off, what is spam anyway? The dictionary definition of spam is: “irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the internet to a large number of recipients.” As automation has increased on LinkedIn, many of my clients have reported confusion between automated messages and spam. They are actually not one and the same. Automation can be used effectively to start genuine conversations if it’s done well. Spam, on the other hand, is never welcomed or useful. Here are the telltale signs of spam. 



Most spam messages will have one or more of the following qualities. 

  • Super salesy: As...

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How To Help Others By Putting Yourself First

I want you to pause for a moment. Now, close your eyes, and imagine yourself a year from now. Where are you? What have you accomplished? How have you grown? Open your eyes. 

As business leaders, it’s easy to put ourselves last. We spend so much time in the weeds of running and growing our companies that we often shortchange our investments in ourselves. Here’s the thing—intentionally setting aside time for personal development isn’t selfish. Your clients, team and even your family benefit when you improve your skills and level up your toolset. 

Intentionally setting aside time for personal development isn’t selfish. Your clients, team and even your family benefit when you improve your skills and level up your toolset.
— Lindsey McMillion Stemann

Consider this my invitation to you—make this year different. I’m talking about more than a resolution, but an actual, rubber-meets-the-road plan. Instead of taking...

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