Do You Have What It Takes?

The countdown is on: Less than 2 months to go in 2020. Many of you likely started your countdown when the murder hornets made their appearance earlier this year. Others of you are having your best year ever and want to cling just a bit longer to the ride. Either way, the clock is ticking and you have a choice to make:

Stay stuck in the yuck of 2020.

Punch through the remainder of 2020 with gusto.

Assuming you fall into the latter camp and want a shot in the arm of focus and optimism, you’re in the right place...But do you have what it takes?

 As I write this blog for you, I am listening to Queen’s Under Pressure.


We are constantly under pressure, aren’t we? Typically, in some form or fashion we are under pressure. 

As you look at the time left in 2020, consider these three focus areas to help get you in goal-setting mode and alleviate that would-be year end pressure:

  1. Corporate Development

  2. ...

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3 Ingredients To Increase Your Confidence On LinkedIn

My husband and I switched up our usual Thai takeout restaurant recently. With the coconut curry soup starting off dinner with a bang, our anticipation of the upcoming flavors continued as we rounded the corner to each of our entrees. Much to our taste buds’ surprise and disappointment, not one, but both of our dishes were clearly missing at least one critical ingredient: salt.

Have you ever had flavorless wide flat noodles (sen yai) or glass noodles (woonsen)? If I knew what mushy plastic tasted like, I would tell you it would be comparable. Let me preface by saying, we’re no experts of Thai cuisine, but it was obvious other necessary spices were missing in addition to that key ingredient that can make or break a dish. Luckily, we had salt, soy sauce, and chili sauce on hand to give the dishes a fighting second chance.

And that’s exactly it: These tasteless dishes needed another chance to give us a different experience.

I know what you’re thinking,...

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Don’t Neglect This 2019 Professional Resolution


We’re all familiar with the “New Year, New You” types of resolutions that crop up as January approaches. For 2019, why not apply a twist to that concept: instead of vowing to refresh your wardrobe or raise the bar on your workout regime, try revitalizing your LinkedIn profile with fresh feedback. Think of it as a little expansion—versus a trimming—to celebrate a shiny new year. To that end, start by identifying four people in your network whose LinkedIn recommendations would add important insights to your professional experience.

While you’re at it, why not broaden your focus to include those connections you enjoyed partnering with in 2018? This is an ideal time to harness the energy and excitement that come naturally with a new year and highlight four additional people in your circle worthy of a little professional love.


Committing yourself to giving and...

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What's New? LinkedIn Learning



LinkedIn Learning has officially opened its virtual doors a year and a half after LinkedIn’s acquisition of With more than 9,000 courses and 25 new courses added every week, LinkedIn Learning is aiming to be the preferred eLearning portal to close the global economy’s skills gap. This focus attributes itself perfectly to LinkedIn’s vision of developing the world’s first economic graph.

To start, LinkedIn Learning is offering its courses in English, but Spanish, French, Japanese and German are in the development queue.

“Learning and development has become one of our most important priorities. Increasingly predictions of tech displacing workers are coming to fruition. The idea that you can study a skill once and have a job for the rest of your life—those days are over.” Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

As of...

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