4 More LinkedIn Mobile App Hacks

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Okay, so maybe the new tips are not actually hacks, but doesn’t that sound cooler than tricks? Mobile app hacks has a ring to it!

Before I jump into the new pointers, here is a brief recap to what I published back in 2017 that still stands regarding LinkedIn’s flagship mobile app:

  1. Save articles to read later (you can access on desktop, but cannot save on desktop)

  2. Personalize all outbound invitations (this is done differently in mobile than desktop)

  3. Expand your headline (you get more characters in the mobile app) Note: For the full article you can read it here on my blog.

On to the new stuff! You will want to read this entire article, trust me. There are too many good tips you do not want to miss.


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Are You Using Your LinkedIn Library?

Here is a quick tip to make LinkedIn an even more powerful tool in your business tool belt! 

Every second, millions of people are consuming content on LinkedIn. How often do you come across a great article that you want to come back to later? Me too. All of the time.

Did you know you have the ability to create a digital LinkedIn library?

In the mobile and desktop applications you can save articles and come back to them later. Saving is easy and finding them later is easy too.

From the desktop version (www.LinkedIn.com)…

SAVE IT: Find a gem of an article and click on the flag/banner icon in the bottom right corner of the article to save it.


FIND IT: From your home page, click on your saved articles on the left side and there you will find all of the articles you have bookmarked for later.


From the mobile application…

IMG_4056 copy.png

SAVE IT: You will save articles the same way you do on desktop by...

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Top 3 LinkedIn Mobile App Hacks

Since LinkedIn is constantly tweaking its web and mobile-based platforms, its global network of members is not always notified when new features roll out. The following hacks are unique to LinkedIn’s flagship mobile app and fall in line with three critical areas: Engaging with insights, your network and your profile. All three of these tricks are key components that are impacting your Social Selling Index score.


Do you find yourself reading published articles on LinkedIn most often from your phone? If so, when your time is running short you can save articles to come back to later. This feature (as of the publishing of this article) is only available on the LinkedIn mobile app.

Take for example, my friend and client Ryan Kramer’s article that I want to read again later. In the top right corner of the article, click the flag icon to save the item.

To access it later, simply go to the LinkedIn mobile app, click your picture in the top left corner to go to...

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