LinkedInsider Top Hits: Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Content

Like top hits on music billboards, LinkedIn content always ranks among our most popular topics. So, I thought it was time to pull together a little roundup of articles on the subject—our “Hot 7” on content if you will. If you have content questions and you’ve landed here in search of some answers, you’re in the right place! From what to post to when and how, I’m answering all your biggest LinkedIn content questions. It’s your self-serve source for all things LinkedIn content. 



Are you a LinkedIn content skeptic? In this article, I bust the top five myths of LinkedIn content creation and make the case that everyone can benefit from joining in on the conversation. 



Like creating a giant snowball, getting started with LinkedIn content is the hardest part. Try this simple challenge to give you the momentum you need to get going. 



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Improve The Reach Of Your LinkedIn Content With This Little-Known Tip

I talk a lot about how to engage your network on LinkedIn. (If you haven’t already read my tips on LinkedIn engagement, start here.) But, like any good business person, I am always thinking about ways to improve the reach and impact of what I’m already doing. If you, like me, are all about working smarter not harder, consider trying this little-known tip. 

LinkedIn allows you to connect your LinkedIn account to your Twitter account. This means that you can seamlessly share any content you create on LinkedIn directly with your Twitter followers. If you’ve already taken the time to craft a meaningful post for your LinkedIn network, why not grow your audience by sharing it to Twitter as well?

I don’t necessarily recommend sharing everything you create on LinkedIn on Twitter. However, if the content you create is appropriate, relevant, and helpful for both platforms, why not share it more broadly? 

Here’s how to connect your accounts:

1. Go to...

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Best Of 2021: A Year In Review

As 2021 draws to a close, I took a moment to reflect back on the year and what it meant for McMillion Consulting. While this year certainly held its challenges, it was also a year of new growth, innovation, and client engagements that reminded me why I love what I do. In addition, it marked our first full year of content and the growth of our LinkedInsider community

In case you missed it, I covered dozens of topics in my weekly blogs, from leveraging your LinkedIn profile and new features to implementing sales strategies on and off of LinkedIn. Check out my roundup of the year’s best content and welcome the New Year with a new tip, tool, or strategy in hand. 



If you’re looking to boost your engagement with your network, spark conversation, and nurture connections, these four articles offer just the guidance you need. 

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Celebrate The Season With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Feeling festive? Whether you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer or draw attention to an important company initiative, don’t forget the power of your LinkedIn company page to make a statement. Just because you need to keep information like your website URL and contact information constant and accessible, doesn’t mean the rest of your company page needs to remain static. Try out these tips to embrace your company page as a dynamic, visual tool for celebrating the season. 



Typically, your company page tagline serves as your space to tell the world what you do and why, but if you’re celebrating a seasonal holiday, promoting a company initiative, or supporting an important cause, your tagline offers prime real estate on your LinkedIn page to provide context and summarize your overall message. 

At the time of publication, LinkedIn offers 120 characters, including spaces, within your...

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How Do You Stack Up On LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?

If you work in sales, you already know the importance of quantifying your efforts. In fact, you’re probably well accustomed to scorecards, benchmarks, and KPIs. Each can provide clarity around where your strengths and weaknesses lie—an essential part of improving.

Now, I want to introduce you to one more tool to add to your performance metric toolset. Enter, LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI), a proprietary tool LinkedIn introduced within 12 months of launching Sales Navigator. The SSI is designed to help you measure how you’re resonating on LinkedIn. It quantifies a dimension of sales success, social selling, that’s otherwise very “squishy.” 

Let’s review a few quick tips to help you understand the SSI, locate your score, and improve your performance. 


The term ”social selling” refers to the relational aspect of selling, including sales conversations and other forms of authentic...

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Level Up Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Process

As with most things, developing a lead generation process on LinkedIn takes practice and a healthy dose of patience. Keep showing up, keep being resourceful, and I promise, it will pay off. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you a story that may just change your mind. 

My client, let’s call him Bill, was in the habit of engaging two or three LinkedIn Groups on a consistent basis. One of Bill’s posts caught the interest of another member of the group who decided to click through to Bill’s profile. (Luckily, because we had worked together, Bill had an updated profile and a great presence on LinkedIn.) After this individual viewed Bill’s profile, he became even more interested in what Bill did, so he clicked through to Bill’s company website. 

After validating Bill through three different levels—his group engagement, personal profile, and company website—the person reached out to speak to Bill directly. After a...

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How Are You Using Audio On LinkedIn?

Looking for a new way to stand out on LinkedIn? I’ve got you covered. 

LinkedIn rolled out a new profile feature that allows users to add short audio recordings next to their name. 


The process for getting set up is pretty straightforward so let me walk you through it. 

Note: LinkedIn only allows you to record the audio on mobile devices, so be sure to use your phone when following along. 



Head to your profile on LinkedIn mobile. Find the pencil icon directly to the right of your profile picture and tap it. 

Untitled design (40).png



Tap “Add name pronunciation” located beneath your last name. 

STEP 3: 

Record your short audio message by holding down the mic button.

Pro tip: You only have 10 seconds to record your message so take advantage. Introduce yourself and include a call to action like “connect with a personalized...

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Adopting The KISS Method To Your Decision Making

In a recent masterclass, I asked my attendees to hop into chat and give me a “Yes!” if this question resonated with them:

How many of you have fallen victim to overcomplicating something that was never made to be complex?

The example I shared was me and my husband trying to get clever with our driving routes and end up taking way too many unnecessary turns versus just going from point A to point B.

Lucky for me, the audience did not leave me hanging and apparently experience the same thing too. 

The truth is, I overcomplicate more often in life and in business than I realize. The lesson is that you have to stop yourself in your tracks sometimes to discern if a better route exists for you to take: Can this be done simpler, faster, better and cheaper?

How can I apply the KISS (Keep It Simple, Smarty) Method to my decision making?

Last year my team and I launched our first digital course, The Complete LinkedIn Profile Course. As you can imagine, there are...

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4 Steps To Grow Your Audience On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is commonly seen as a tool to connect with your professional network, but it is also a rich environment to expand your network to entirely new audiences.

One of the lesser known features on LinkedIn is a newsletter page. If you’re not familiar, these are regularly published articles, typically about a specific topic. Any user can subscribe to the page and be notified when a new article is released.

Newsletters get recommended by LinkedIn to audiences even outside of your network. With a consistent schedule and good content, your reach can grow exponentially.

To give you an idea, when I started my newsletter, LinkedInsider, I had more than a few hundred subscribers within one week of launching it with minimal promotion. Many of my subscribers are entirely outside of my network; this exposure has opened the door to new conversations that I may not have had otherwise.

img 1.png

All those eyes on your content can drive traffic to your profile and business. So,...

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Give Them A Reason: Deep Dive

Recently, I wrote an article about how to never be ghosted on LinkedIn again. If you haven’t read it, check it out here first: Give Them a Reason.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, my team and I are focusing on providing actionable ways for you to grow your business and leverage your network the right way. To get you started, let’s revisit and provide more context on how to deliver content that keeps your network wanting more.

For every post to succeed, there are 3 areas to keep in mind before blasting your newsfeed. 

  1. Content is king

  2. Prime your audience

  3. Position yourself

Let’s dive into each one in more detail.


To generate traction on your post, the first thing to nail is the post itself. Variety, feel-good value, quickly consumed and educational should be at the top of your list when choosing content. Here are a few dos and don’ts to get you on the right track.


  • Find articles and media that relate to your industry.

  • ...

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