Best Of 2021: A Year In Review

As 2021 draws to a close, I took a moment to reflect back on the year and what it meant for McMillion Consulting. While this year certainly held its challenges, it was also a year of new growth, innovation, and client engagements that reminded me why I love what I do. In addition, it marked our first full year of content and the growth of our LinkedInsider community

In case you missed it, I covered dozens of topics in my weekly blogs, from leveraging your LinkedIn profile and new features to implementing sales strategies on and off of LinkedIn. Check out my roundup of the year’s best content and welcome the New Year with a new tip, tool, or strategy in hand. 



If you’re looking to boost your engagement with your network, spark conversation, and nurture connections, these four articles offer just the guidance you need. 

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Celebrate The Season With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Feeling festive? Whether you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer or draw attention to an important company initiative, don’t forget the power of your LinkedIn company page to make a statement. Just because you need to keep information like your website URL and contact information constant and accessible, doesn’t mean the rest of your company page needs to remain static. Try out these tips to embrace your company page as a dynamic, visual tool for celebrating the season. 



Typically, your company page tagline serves as your space to tell the world what you do and why, but if you’re celebrating a seasonal holiday, promoting a company initiative, or supporting an important cause, your tagline offers prime real estate on your LinkedIn page to provide context and summarize your overall message. 

At the time of publication, LinkedIn offers 120 characters, including spaces, within your...

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What To Look For In A LinkedIn Trainer, Speaker And Consultant

When one year or quarter comes to a close and another one begins, many companies begin assessing the needs and goals they have for the next year. Finding the right partner to help grow and support your business can be a challenge. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to assess a potential vendor, especially if their expertise is very different from your own. 

When prospective clients come to me, they’re usually looking for a consultant to reach a key personal or business goal through LinkedIn. My support comes in a range of different formats. Whether I’m training clients in a one-on-one or group setting or speaking at a conference, corporate annual meeting, or a sales incentive trip gathering, I am ultimately always seeking to equip my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to connect with purpose and drive their revenue. 

As a business owner, I am often on both sides of the equation—being vetted by prospective clients and vetting my own...

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Missing The “Connect” Button? It’s There.

If you’ve ever tried to grow your LinkedIn network, you might have encountered a startling roadblock. Usually, making a new connection on LinkedIn is just a matter of clicking the “Connect” button inside a person’s profile and attaching a personalized invitation note. Occasionally, however, you might find that the connect button isn’t visible. 

Before you panic, know that LinkedIn users have the ability to turn off their “Connect” button and instead feature a “Follow” button in the same space on their profile. If you can’t find the “Connect” button right away, don’t worry. It’s still there, you’ll just need an extra click to find it. 


  1. Click the “More” button inside the person’s profile.


2. Select the “Connect” button from the dropdown menu.

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Training For The Win At Work And In Life

As a competitive athlete for much of my life, I understand what it means to train toward a goal. It’s not glamorous. Skinned knees, hard work, and even an occasional defeat are par for the course. But, with a little patience, it’s all worth it in the end. 

Though I’m not necessarily competing on the soccer field anymore, I still apply an athlete’s mindset to what I do every day, whether I’m trying to hit a new PR at Orangetheory or reach a new benchmark in my business. The lessons I continue to learn through my current health and fitness journey are applicable far beyond the gym. Of all the things sports can teach you, these are the training truths I keep returning to in order to reach finish lines, in work and in life. 



There’s no replacement for consistency. Regardless of how much talent you possess in the boardroom or the weight room, discipline is essential to shape that natural skill into results....

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Put On Your Recruiter Hat With These 3 Simple Tips

Are you trying to grow your team with the right people? It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a fantastic place to recruit job applicants. LinkedIn even has a recruiting-specific subscription, Recruiter Lite, and a number of other paid tools for hiring.

Many of my clients have a recruiting element to their roles, but wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves recruiters. For example, some are the CEOs who are only involved in executive hiring or they are part of the marketing team responsible for hiring summer interns.

If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on paid LinkedIn recruiter tools, but you want to use LinkedIn to attract the best candidates and find the best possible new hires, today’s tips are for you. There are plenty of free ways to promote your job openings and find qualified candidates on LinkedIn. Here are my top three recommendations to help you put on your “recruiter hat” and build your team through LinkedIn.


1. Use the #Hiring...

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Embracing The Power Of Ambition

career leadership learn tips Nov 16, 2021

Have you ever had a goal so bold you were scared to say it out loud? I have definitely been guilty of tempering my ambition at times. As a former soccer player and forever competitor, I love to win. We all do, right? That’s why it can be so tempting to shrink our goals from truly audacious to more comfortable. 

While there’s certainly a case to be made for setting realistic, manageable goals, I’d venture to guess many of us err on the side of being too safe most of the time. So, let’s talk about what can happen when we choose to aim higher instead. 

...Many of us err on the side of being too
safe most of the time.

Several years back, I joined a peer group of entrepreneurs and business executives. We called ourselves the Young Executive Board. Every three weeks, we met to encourage and challenge one another in our respective business endeavors. I’ll never forget one meeting when I shared a goal I had set for myself. To me, the...

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Have You Changed This One Key LinkedIn Default Setting?

Have you ever sent an email or note only to be met with radio silence? When you don’t get a response to your message right away, maybe you assume the best. After all, we have so many ways to send and receive messages these days, from our social media accounts to chat apps and multiple email accounts, that a slower response every now and then is perfectly understandable. 

It’s a little more difficult to assume the best, however, when you can see that your message was read, but not answered. No one likes to feel ignored, and a read receipt followed by crickets never feels very good, no matter the reason. 

Today, I want to help you avoid being that person. Chances are if you haven’t changed this one key LinkedIn setting, you just might be the cause of such a twinge of disappointment. 

By default, LinkedIn turns read receipts on. This means that any time you receive and read a message, InMail, or message request, the person on the other end can...

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How To Find The Hidden Grace Of A Closed Door

We live in a world overfocused on success. Everywhere you look, you’ll find people talking about their wins, awards, and accolades. When it comes to rejection or disappointment, however, you’ll be hard-pressed to find people willing to share their stories of “failure” with quite as much gusto. The reality is, you can’t go through life without a few no’s along the way. What’s more, we need closed doors from time to time.  

As a thought experiment, I recently asked myself, “What if every opportunity I pursued in the next year was met with a yes?” I wondered, would I choose that over uncertainty and possible disappointment? After a moment of consideration, I decided I would not. Closed doors and no’s are part of life. And, while I can’t say I enjoy the feeling of rejection or disappointment, I am grateful for it. I wouldn’t trade the perspective or learning I have gained from closed doors for the...

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Staying Current Isn’t As Spooky As It Seems

Spring cleaning, your quarterly oil change, annual checkups—most areas of your life need a little extra TLC from time to time. Your LinkedIn profile is no exception. Whether you’ve held the same job for more than a decade or you just got promoted, chances are, some areas of your profile could use a refresh.

Don’t wait until your LinkedIn profile is so out of date that a total makeover is in order. (If you’re in that boat, The Profile Transformer™ might be just what you need.) Keeping your digital presence up-to-date is a whole lot easier when you have a regular checklist to return to once (or even better, twice) a year. 

While I’m in my LinkedIn profile quite a bit, I still set aside regular, dedicated time to skim through my profile and dust off the cobwebs, so to speak. Here’s my simple, go-to checklist to keep my profile current, without all the stress. 


For better or for worse, people change. What you...

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