How To Let Your LinkedIn Network In On Your Celebration

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that I think LinkedIn is a great place to learn, sell, connect, and uncover new opportunities. Beyond that, it’s also a wonderful space for celebration! From promotions to work wins and job changes, your LinkedIn community is ready to cheer you on and celebrate with you as you progress and grow. 

Even personal updates can have a place on LinkedIn. My recommendation is always to frame your decision to post or not with this question: “Will this help my professional network in some way?” If the answer is yes, go for it! 

As an example, I encourage my clients to include their birthdays in their profiles because birthdays offer yet another point of conversation with your network. Sure, maybe only two percent of your connections will wish you a happy birthday, but guess what? Those birthday messages open the door to new conversations with prospects, colleagues, or clients. 


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5 Lessons From 5 Years Of McMillion Consulting

I’ve been in a reflective mood lately as September 2021 marks five years since I launched my company, McMillion Consulting. (!!!) My, how time flies. Though I’ve been training clients in sales and prospecting techniques and sharing my LinkedIn expertise for much longer, this anniversary of my business feels significant. These years have been some of the most fulfilling, challenging, and exciting ones of my career.

I want to channel my reflections and celebrations into something helpful, so I’m sharing a lesson I learned in each of my five years of business. My hope is that, whether you’ve owned a business for years or work for someone else, you can take something from what I’ve learned along the way. 



When I first launched McMillion Consulting, a friend gave me a candle with this Anaïs Nin quote printed on the lid: “Life shrinks...

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Maybe It’s Time To Call In An Expert

Have you ever had a moment when you realized you were in over your head? Maybe you were drowning in tax paperwork, navigating a new software program, or securing permits for your office space. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that sometimes, a pull-up-your-bootstraps attitude is all you need to conquer the day’s challenge. But other times, you’re much better served by a healthy dose of humility and the number of a great accountant. 

Knowing when to push yourself and when to call in an expert is easier said than done. I can relate. In the early days of my business, I recognized the need for a strong social presence, even beyond LinkedIn. Because I’m “LinkedIn Lindsey,” people often assume I’m a social media expert, but as I like to say, LinkedIn is the sandbox I play in and stay in! So, producing consistent content and building my social following on my new business Instagram account and other social platforms...

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Making The Most Of Your LinkedIn Away Message

They say half the joy of vacation is anticipating it. Something about knowing you’ll be catching up with family or enjoying a sunny beach somewhere soon makes all the to-dos that come with closing up shop to take time off a bit more enjoyable. From finishing up projects to changing your voicemail and setting your email out of office message, we all have a routine to ensure everything on the business side is all wrapped up before we enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

Until now, our social platforms were never really part of that time off prep process. LinkedIn has added new functionality that I just love. I’ve been waiting years for this feature, and I’m so glad it’s finally here. I love that I can finally let people know I’m away, so they understand when I can’t get to their message right away. 

The away message feature is available on any paid LinkedIn subscription and done correctly, it’s a simple, low-effort way to maintain a...

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Invite Them In

Being invited to a special event has always made me feel good—the fact that someone thought about me and took the time to extend a personal invitation makes me feel included, cared about and important. If you’re not with me, you’re kidding yourself.

It’s that stamped envelope with a handwritten address and your name on it. It’s that text and voice message that someone wants your presence at a specific time and a specific place.

Perhaps it’s not as special to you now, a serious grown-up who doesn’t need “that kind” of affirmation, but you were a kid once. You remember that birthday party invitation from your classmate: What kind of cake would there be? What presents would they receive? What would be in the party favor goodie bag?

We like being invited.

Did you know you can invite your first degree connections to your LinkedIn company page?


If you missed how critical it is to give them a reason to follow you, check...

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The #1 Myth About Paying for LinkedIn

It’s that new pair of shoes that you are so excited to wear tomorrow. Sure, you hope that people compliment you on them, but even then, it isn’t about that. It’s about feeling good, looking good and having confidence. Am I right?

Over time though, the shoes get worn out and they don’t look as crisp and fresh as they once did…And that’s okay because we understand that’s the nature of getting something new and using it. I always thought when this happened to my shoes that I only had two options: 

  • Pretend they aren’t getting old and keep wearing them to an embarrassing state (“but they’re my favorite”) or

  • Chuck them (trash or donate).

Enter: My husband. He taught me something that many of you likely already know and that is: There’s actually a third option. You can spruce up those worn kicks by giving them a little extra TLC. Use an old toothbrush and stain remover, then toss them in the washing...

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4 More LinkedIn Mobile App Hacks

LinkedIn offers a plethora of powerful features to make connecting with others easier than ever. Check out these four new tips for using the tool efficiently and effectively! CLICK TO TWEET

Okay, so maybe the new tips are not actually hacks, but doesn’t that sound cooler than tricks? Mobile app hacks has a ring to it!

Before I jump into the new pointers, here is a brief recap to what I published back in 2017 that still stands regarding LinkedIn’s flagship mobile app:

  1. Save articles to read later (you can access on desktop, but cannot save on desktop)

  2. Personalize all outbound invitations (this is done differently in mobile than desktop)

  3. Expand your headline (you get more characters in the mobile app) Note: For the full article you can read it here on my blog.

On to the new stuff! You will want to read this entire article, trust me. There are too many good tips you do not want to miss.


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How To Customize Your LinkedIn Feed

Did you know that you can customize your LinkedIn feed? It’s super simple and worth it! CLICK TO TWEET

A daily LinkedIn habit should be to briefly scroll through your homepage feed. Since the feed is constantly changing, I recommend hopping on a minimum of two times each day to gather insights and engage. Implementing this habit will allow you to see what your connections, followed companies, followed influencers and followed hashtags have shared on LinkedIn. While I prefer to use my notifications to easily see job promotions and changes (to name a few), the homepage feed will also show you these two job-related updates with your connections too.

In no particular order, listed below are recommendations for how to customize your LinkedIn feed. Use to follow these tips, as the mobile application will not necessarily have all of the options and functionality covered in this article.


From your LinkedIn homepage, click on your picture in the...

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Don’t Neglect This 2019 Professional Resolution


We’re all familiar with the “New Year, New You” types of resolutions that crop up as January approaches. For 2019, why not apply a twist to that concept: instead of vowing to refresh your wardrobe or raise the bar on your workout regime, try revitalizing your LinkedIn profile with fresh feedback. Think of it as a little expansion—versus a trimming—to celebrate a shiny new year. To that end, start by identifying four people in your network whose LinkedIn recommendations would add important insights to your professional experience.

While you’re at it, why not broaden your focus to include those connections you enjoyed partnering with in 2018? This is an ideal time to harness the energy and excitement that come naturally with a new year and highlight four additional people in your circle worthy of a little professional love.


Committing yourself to giving and...

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Are You Using Your LinkedIn Library?

Here is a quick tip to make LinkedIn an even more powerful tool in your business tool belt! 

Every second, millions of people are consuming content on LinkedIn. How often do you come across a great article that you want to come back to later? Me too. All of the time.

Did you know you have the ability to create a digital LinkedIn library?

In the mobile and desktop applications you can save articles and come back to them later. Saving is easy and finding them later is easy too.

From the desktop version (…

SAVE IT: Find a gem of an article and click on the flag/banner icon in the bottom right corner of the article to save it.


FIND IT: From your home page, click on your saved articles on the left side and there you will find all of the articles you have bookmarked for later.


From the mobile application…

IMG_4056 copy.png

SAVE IT: You will save articles the same way you do on desktop by...

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