Missing The “Connect” Button? It’s There.

If you’ve ever tried to grow your LinkedIn network, you might have encountered a startling roadblock. Usually, making a new connection on LinkedIn is just a matter of clicking the “Connect” button inside a person’s profile and attaching a personalized invitation note. Occasionally, however, you might find that the connect button isn’t visible. 

Before you panic, know that LinkedIn users have the ability to turn off their “Connect” button and instead feature a “Follow” button in the same space on their profile. If you can’t find the “Connect” button right away, don’t worry. It’s still there, you’ll just need an extra click to find it. 


  1. Click the “More” button inside the person’s profile.


2. Select the “Connect” button from the dropdown menu.

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Creating LinkedIn Content That Draws A Crowd

If you’ve ever watched a street performer in a big city, you’ve probably experienced a strange phenomenon. What begins as a small audience of passersby grows almost instantly into a massive crowd. It’s funny how that happens. People hate to miss out. When they see others gathering, they tend to stop, too, to figure out what all the fuss is about. 

Often, a similar effect happens with LinkedIn content. When a critical mass of people forms around a post, suddenly it gains momentum very quickly. More and more people react and comment on content when they see that many others have, too. Engagement breeds engagement, and a few dozen reactions and comments grow to several hundred. 

I consider myself a student of these sorts of posts. I’m always looking to see what I can learn from content that has gained massive traction on LinkedIn. Of course, unlike that street performer in the square, not all LinkedIn traction is organic. We know that some content...

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1 Powerful Way To Bring Value On LinkedIn

You have more knowledge in your brain than you realize. So, why are you keeping it to yourself in between your ears? It’s time to share your expertise! 

As often as our team at McMillion Consulting talks about the importance of showcasing your expertise through the sections in your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to take it up a notch. 

Publishing articles, authored by you, on LinkedIn is one powerful way to bring value to your network. 

First, you have to get clear on LinkedIn lingo and the difference between posts vs published articles. 


Posts have been around since the platform’s inception. Ever notice all of those scrolling updates on your LinkedIn homepage feed? Of course you have: Content shared by your network are examples of posts. They live for as long as the traction they get by the network; meaning, the more reactions, comments and shares your post gets, the longer it will stay “active” and visible on LinkedIn.


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4 More LinkedIn Mobile App Hacks

LinkedIn offers a plethora of powerful features to make connecting with others easier than ever. Check out these four new tips for using the tool efficiently and effectively! CLICK TO TWEET

Okay, so maybe the new tips are not actually hacks, but doesn’t that sound cooler than tricks? Mobile app hacks has a ring to it!

Before I jump into the new pointers, here is a brief recap to what I published back in 2017 that still stands regarding LinkedIn’s flagship mobile app:

  1. Save articles to read later (you can access on desktop, but cannot save on desktop)

  2. Personalize all outbound invitations (this is done differently in mobile than desktop)

  3. Expand your headline (you get more characters in the mobile app) Note: For the full article you can read it here on my blog.

On to the new stuff! You will want to read this entire article, trust me. There are too many good tips you do not want to miss.


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How To Customize Your LinkedIn Feed

Did you know that you can customize your LinkedIn feed? It’s super simple and worth it! CLICK TO TWEET

A daily LinkedIn habit should be to briefly scroll through your homepage feed. Since the feed is constantly changing, I recommend hopping on a minimum of two times each day to gather insights and engage. Implementing this habit will allow you to see what your connections, followed companies, followed influencers and followed hashtags have shared on LinkedIn. While I prefer to use my notifications to easily see job promotions and changes (to name a few), the homepage feed will also show you these two job-related updates with your connections too.

In no particular order, listed below are recommendations for how to customize your LinkedIn feed. Use LinkedIn.com to follow these tips, as the mobile application will not necessarily have all of the options and functionality covered in this article.


From your LinkedIn homepage, click on your picture in the...

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