Best Of 2021: A Year In Review

As 2021 draws to a close, I took a moment to reflect back on the year and what it meant for McMillion Consulting. While this year certainly held its challenges, it was also a year of new growth, innovation, and client engagements that reminded me why I love what I do. In addition, it marked our first full year of content and the growth of our LinkedInsider community

In case you missed it, I covered dozens of topics in my weekly blogs, from leveraging your LinkedIn profile and new features to implementing sales strategies on and off of LinkedIn. Check out my roundup of the year’s best content and welcome the New Year with a new tip, tool, or strategy in hand. 



If you’re looking to boost your engagement with your network, spark conversation, and nurture connections, these four articles offer just the guidance you need. 

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Celebrate The Season With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Feeling festive? Whether you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer or draw attention to an important company initiative, don’t forget the power of your LinkedIn company page to make a statement. Just because you need to keep information like your website URL and contact information constant and accessible, doesn’t mean the rest of your company page needs to remain static. Try out these tips to embrace your company page as a dynamic, visual tool for celebrating the season. 



Typically, your company page tagline serves as your space to tell the world what you do and why, but if you’re celebrating a seasonal holiday, promoting a company initiative, or supporting an important cause, your tagline offers prime real estate on your LinkedIn page to provide context and summarize your overall message. 

At the time of publication, LinkedIn offers 120 characters, including spaces, within your...

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How Are You Using Audio On LinkedIn?

Looking for a new way to stand out on LinkedIn? I’ve got you covered. 

LinkedIn rolled out a new profile feature that allows users to add short audio recordings next to their name. 



The process for getting set up is pretty straightforward so let me walk you through it. 

Note: LinkedIn only allows you to record the audio on mobile devices, so be sure to use your phone when following along. 



Head to your profile on LinkedIn mobile. Find the pencil icon directly to the right of your profile picture and tap it. 

Untitled design (40).png



Tap “Add name pronunciation” located beneath your last name. 


STEP 3: 

Record your short audio message by holding down the mic button.

Pro tip: You only have 10 seconds to record your message so take advantage. Introduce yourself and include a call to action like “connect with a personalized...

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Standing Out On LinkedIn Is Simpler Than You Think

Some people just know how to make a strong first impression. About 10 years ago, I attended a local networking event for business owners. At the start of the evening, we all stood up and gave a short explanation of who we were and what we did. 

As the speaking portion of the evening was winding down, I spotted a woman in a green dress approaching me from the other side of the room. She reached out her hand in a firm handshake and with a confident tone told me she had heard my introduction and wanted to learn more about what I did. 

I remember everything about the experience, down to where I was standing in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. Megan made quite an impression. We hit it off instantly, and have been friends ever since.

Whether you’re introducing yourself in person or through your LinkedIn profile, it’s true as they say that “first impressions are lasting impressions.”  You probably already understand the importance of a friendly...

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1 Simple & Overlooked Tool To Boost Your Brand

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, a great LinkedIn company page can serve you and your network well.

When you think about LinkedIn, you might only think about growing your network, building your personal profile and sharing content—too often, the company page gets overlooked.

But did you know that your LinkedIn company page is a great way to build traction for your business and spark engagement with employees? A simple content schedule combined with sharing employee posts can drive traffic to the page and give your business a leg-up over the competition.  

So where do you start?



1. If you need to make one from scratch, click the work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page and then select “Create a Company Page” like shown below. If you already have a page, make sure all the information is still relevant and complete.


2. Fill out all of...

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Invite Them In

Being invited to a special event has always made me feel good—the fact that someone thought about me and took the time to extend a personal invitation makes me feel included, cared about and important. If you’re not with me, you’re kidding yourself.

It’s that stamped envelope with a handwritten address and your name on it. It’s that text and voice message that someone wants your presence at a specific time and a specific place.

Perhaps it’s not as special to you now, a serious grown-up who doesn’t need “that kind” of affirmation, but you were a kid once. You remember that birthday party invitation from your classmate: What kind of cake would there be? What presents would they receive? What would be in the party favor goodie bag?

We like being invited.

Did you know you can invite your first degree connections to your LinkedIn company page?


If you missed how critical it is to give them a reason to follow you, check...

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3 Ingredients To Increase Your Confidence On LinkedIn

My husband and I switched up our usual Thai takeout restaurant recently. With the coconut curry soup starting off dinner with a bang, our anticipation of the upcoming flavors continued as we rounded the corner to each of our entrees. Much to our taste buds’ surprise and disappointment, not one, but both of our dishes were clearly missing at least one critical ingredient: salt.

Have you ever had flavorless wide flat noodles (sen yai) or glass noodles (woonsen)? If I knew what mushy plastic tasted like, I would tell you it would be comparable. Let me preface by saying, we’re no experts of Thai cuisine, but it was obvious other necessary spices were missing in addition to that key ingredient that can make or break a dish. Luckily, we had salt, soy sauce, and chili sauce on hand to give the dishes a fighting second chance.

And that’s exactly it: These tasteless dishes needed another chance to give us a different experience.

I know what you’re thinking,...

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The #1 Myth About Paying for LinkedIn

It’s that new pair of shoes that you are so excited to wear tomorrow. Sure, you hope that people compliment you on them, but even then, it isn’t about that. It’s about feeling good, looking good and having confidence. Am I right?

Over time though, the shoes get worn out and they don’t look as crisp and fresh as they once did…And that’s okay because we understand that’s the nature of getting something new and using it. I always thought when this happened to my shoes that I only had two options: 

  • Pretend they aren’t getting old and keep wearing them to an embarrassing state (“but they’re my favorite”) or

  • Chuck them (trash or donate).

Enter: My husband. He taught me something that many of you likely already know and that is: There’s actually a third option. You can spruce up those worn kicks by giving them a little extra TLC. Use an old toothbrush and stain remover, then toss them in the washing...

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Don’t Neglect This 2019 Professional Resolution


We’re all familiar with the “New Year, New You” types of resolutions that crop up as January approaches. For 2019, why not apply a twist to that concept: instead of vowing to refresh your wardrobe or raise the bar on your workout regime, try revitalizing your LinkedIn profile with fresh feedback. Think of it as a little expansion—versus a trimming—to celebrate a shiny new year. To that end, start by identifying four people in your network whose LinkedIn recommendations would add important insights to your professional experience.

While you’re at it, why not broaden your focus to include those connections you enjoyed partnering with in 2018? This is an ideal time to harness the energy and excitement that come naturally with a new year and highlight four additional people in your circle worthy of a little professional love.


Committing yourself to giving and...

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Featured on the Richardson Financial Podcast

I had the fortune of being interviewed by the well-respected Will Richardson, based in San Francisco, on his Richardson Financial podcast. Below is a brief of what we covered. Listen and share!

• Lindsey talks about LinkedIn as a business tool and why it is so important to be relevant in today’s digital landscape. She shares insights about many of the recent LinkedIn changes, including specific recommendations to immediately implement.

• Lindsey shares great tips on how to build a strong LinkedIn profile and how to build an intentional network. She discusses with Will how to create a profile that stands out and why personalizing your outbound communication is so important.

• Lindsey gives her review on which LinkedIn subscription you should consider.

• Lindsey shares how she has worked with hundreds of financial advisors and managing partners and has a solid understanding of the compliance guidelines and use of Hearsay Social in the financial services...

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