3 Things To Know About LinkedIn's Creator Mode

I can never get too comfortable because LinkedIn loves to keep me on my toes! Every time I turn around, it seems that LinkedIn has added a new feature or function. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is LinkedIn’s new creator mode. Perhaps you’ve seen the feature within the Resources section of your profile. 

In case you missed it, creator mode is a LinkedIn profile setting intended to help you grow and reach your LinkedIn audience. Originally, it was only available to select users, but now, anyone can take advantage of it.  

I have to confess, when I first received access to creator mode, I didn’t love it. Now, looking back, I realize I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it. I coach my clients all the time that new doesn’t mean bad—it just means it may take some getting used to and learning. 

I decided to listen to my own advice and try it for a while before I made up my mind. Now...

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How To Use LinkedIn To Dramatically Improve Your Business: An Interview With Candice Georgiadis



As part of my series of interviews about “How to Use LinkedIn to Dramatically Improve Your Business,” I had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsey McMillion Stemann, the Principal & Owner of McMillion Consulting. For more than a decade, Lindsey has trained thousands of professionals and teams to leverage LinkedIn as a profitable business tool, teaching them how to connect with purpose to increase their revenue; her clients have generated millions of dollars in revenue from her tactics. Whether she is on stage speaking at a global conference, training clients virtually, or interviewing clients to transform their digital footprint, Lindsey believes teaching should be practical so that learning is actionable. She and her team work with Fortune 500 companies, boutique advising firms and international brands. In additional to speaking...

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It’s (Still) Okay To Be Awesome

Back in 2019,  I published an article on LinkedIn I’ve since referred to as, “It’s Okay to Be Awesome.” It’s all about the power of LinkedIn recommendations. In the time since I first wrote that article, I’ve had dozens, maybe hundreds, of conversations with clients about this often overlooked feature.

Recommendations are especially overlooked by my clients who work in an environment where compliance must be taken into account. It’s true that a small handful of people cannot use LinkedIn recommendations, like folks with a Series 65 license. However, most clients I serve, including those who work in highly regulated industries like financial services, can take advantage of LinkedIn recommendations, as long as they submit the recommendations they receive to a compliance portal like Hearsay Social for approval. 

Of all the LinkedIn profiles I’ve transformed and all the leaders, executives, salespeople, and entrepreneurs...

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LinkedInsider Top Hits: Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Content

Like top hits on music billboards, LinkedIn content always ranks among our most popular topics. So, I thought it was time to pull together a little roundup of articles on the subject—our “Hot 7” on content if you will. If you have content questions and you’ve landed here in search of some answers, you’re in the right place! From what to post to when and how, I’m answering all your biggest LinkedIn content questions. It’s your self-serve source for all things LinkedIn content. 



Are you a LinkedIn content skeptic? In this article, I bust the top five myths of LinkedIn content creation and make the case that everyone can benefit from joining in on the conversation. 



Like creating a giant snowball, getting started with LinkedIn content is the hardest part. Try this simple challenge to give you the momentum you need to get going. 



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5 Common Myths People Believe About LinkedIn Engagement

Every now and then, I meet a LinkedIn skeptic—someone who understands the importance of a professional profile but doesn’t see the value of actually engaging on the platform. By now, I think I’ve heard all the excuses, from lack of time to doubt about the impact. Do you fall into the skeptic camp? Allow me the opportunity to change your mind. 


If you’re not already active on LinkedIn, my question to you is, “How else are you staying on people’s radar?” Even beyond the sales benefits (which are many!), staying top of mind is helpful for all sorts of business reasons. Just by seeing your face and name on their feed, your colleagues and connections are more likely to remember you when they have a new opportunity, connection, or idea to share that could propel your career or business. 

“Staying top of mind is helpful for all...

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A 4-Step Sales Navigator Approach To Find Your Targets

Have you ever used LinkedIn to find a candidate, company, or customer? If you haven’t you’re missing out! LinkedIn is not only a networking tool, but it’s also a robust search engine of sorts. With more than 810 million members across more than 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn gives you access to a massive directory of professionals and organizations. 

While LinkedIn offers some useful search functionality in its free subscriptions, Sales Navigator allows you to create custom, hyper-specific searches with a range of filters and tools. LinkedIn calls this an advanced search. Whether you’re looking for tech execs in the Southeast or female computer programmers in Canada, you can find what you’re looking for more quickly with Sales Navigator than with LinkedIn.

Although an advanced search might sound complicated, it’s quite simple. I coach my clients on a straightforward, four-step approach. 



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Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever hit a wall in your sales or recruiting process! We’ve all been there. Anyone who works in a sales or recruiting role will tell you, no technique or process yields a “yes” 100 percent of the time. If there were a perfect process, everyone would do it. 

Whether you’re finding the right candidate for an open position or attracting a new customer, there’s a human on the other end of your process—and that complicates things. Because you can never quite predict what will resonate with someone else, it’s important to test new approaches, look at the data, and keep what works.

If there were a perfect process, everyone would do it.

Next time you’re feeling stuck, try a new approach. Here’s an idea for your digital or LinkedIn outreach communications: Ask for the clarity you need. As simple as it sounds, embracing the right kinds of questions can be a game-changer. Instead of...

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4 Easy Ways To Support Female Entrepreneurs

2021 marked five years of McMillion Consulting, and I celebrated big time! For me, it was important not just to look back and see how far I had come, but also to raise a glass to all the people who had helped me get there. There are too many to count! I am genuinely so lucky to have awesome cheerleaders, mentors, friends, and clients who support me (the person) and my business by referring me to and introducing me to other awesome people.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a female entrepreneur, it’s that we thrive when we encourage one another. Sometimes helpful support looks big, like time, money, and resources. Other times, it’s as simple as making a referral or speaking a word of encouragement. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve rounded up four easy ways to support a female entrepreneur this month. 



If you’ve been the client or customer of a female entrepreneur, take a moment to...

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Grow Your Network Faster With Sales Navigator

I recently asked our social media account followers what they want to do better this year, as it relates to LinkedIn. So many of you told me you need help networking. That’s no surprise, because no matter where you are in your career, networking is an essential part of leveling up what you do. 

When it comes to networking on LinkedIn, I’d be remiss not to talk about Sales Navigator. If you’re trying to grow your network, professional contacts or prospects, Sales Navigator can help you do that more efficiently at a larger scale. I’ve rounded up the questions I hear most about Sales Navigator. See how my Sales Navigator philosophy can help you get the most bang for your buck, whether you’re considering buying a Sales Navigator subscription or you’re an existing subscriber looking to improve the way you use your tools. 



Sales Navigator is one of several paid individual subscriptions LinkedIn...

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Feeling The Love On LinkedIn

Whether you realize it or not, a lot of people care about you. Don’t believe me? Take one look at your LinkedIn follower list and you’ll get a sense of just how many people want to hear what you have to say. It’s probably more than you think. 



Note: This how-to tip is specifically for personal profiles, not company pages. 

1. Open up LinkedIn on your desktop. (Note that you can’t see your follower list on the LinkedIn mobile app).

2. From the menu bar at the top of the page, select “My Network.”

LinkedIn menu bar

3. In the menu to the left, select “People I Follow.”

LinkedIn menu

4. From the top menu bar, select the button that lists your number of Followers. You should see a list of people who have opted to follow you on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Followers



So you looked at your list and...

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